life made simple
life made simple
Cleaning: Quick and Efficient Blender Cleaning
With this trick there is no excuses for making yummy Smoothies!
See our: How to Make a Smoothie Guide
How to: Tie Shoes for Running
Most running shoes feel comfortable when you’re standing in a shoe store, but the true test is after several miles on the asphalt. You’ll soon realize that the ideal shoe has more to do with the shape of your foot and your running style than it does with the logo stitched on the side.
This Running Shoe article helps you narrow down your traditional running shoe choices. You may also want to see the REI Expert Advice article, Barefoot/Minimalist Running Shoes: How to Choose.
Clothes: By using pipe cleaners, you never have to worry about your clothes falling off the hanger ever again!
Other clothing tips; making a bit of fabric to stop a bra from slipping, or even use shower hooks for more hanging space.
Quick and Easy Door Silencer
Using a rubber band stops the door from being entirely closed. This is actually perfect for instances when you need quiet, like a baby’s room.
Home - Machine wash your pillows twice a year