life made simple
life made simple
Chart: Ideas on How to de-clutter your Closet

"Today I cleaned out my closet for the first time in years, and I ended up carting two huge bags of clothes to Goodwill and throwing another huge bag away. I tend to hold onto clothes way past their expiration date, and I found that making firm rules really helped me actually get rid of the stuff that needed to go (awesome dress that hasn’t fit in two years and jeans from highschool, I’m looking at you). I hope y’all find this flow chart helpful!"

Thanks -bobella- :)
Health: Certain foods such as salmon can help grow healthier hair.More healthy foods: here 
Use a Penny to Keep Flowers Perky
NB. Unsure if this does work, so if anyone has feedback or past experience do let me know :)
LPT: Using an umbrella in the rain? Wearing a backpack?
By tucking the handle of the umbrella between your back and the backpack - holds the frame in place.
Better coverage for you and the bag, plus you get two free hands! Impress your friends / amaze people driving by during the hot and rainy weekend!