life made simple
life made simple
Avoid unwanted Spillages
Flip the container before you pour, so the liquid and intake of air can move freely. 
Garden DIY: Protect your Garden Tools
Home: Cleaning the Ceiling fan
Children: How to make Shadow puppets with your Hands
Guide to Suit & Shoes colour matching
So you have the suit, the shirt, the tie. Now all you need to do is add the shoes. Use the below this handy guide to make sure you buy the perfect colour shoes to match your suit colour. As a general rule, a Black Formal shoe will go with nearly all suit colours. However you can make more of an impact if you go for a brown or tan shoe when wearing either a Navy/Blue or Light Colour suit. It looks smart and will stand out against the sea of black when you want to make an impression. This guide should help you make the decision of when to go black or when to go tan.
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Nothing is worse than getting a kernel in a handful of popcorn!
Work: The Benefits of Working from Home on a Wednesday
Fast Company explains one reason why:
"When you work from home on Friday, people may believe you’re cutting out early for the weekend. They may be right. It’s human nature to start in on the errands, especially if you’re pretty sure everyone at the office is wasting time on Facebook. Asking for a "peak" day—Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday—shows that your request is about productivity. You’ll work more hours without the commute, and you’ll get more done without distractions. It’s not about scoring a long weekend."
For those in stressful positions it will also give you the mental strength of realising you’re never more than two days from respite.